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Thank you to Jody and Myles ahead, you saved the day!
My son was getting married and I could not find a dress that  I liked or that fit me well I ordered 2 dresses from Romans their sizes are off one dress didn't fit at all and the other fit but just didn't look good. It's hard to pick a plus size dress when all the models are a size 5 or 6.  My first of many praises to Myles Ahead they have plus size models so you can get an accurate idea of the styles and how they will look on you


I found the Myles Ahead web site totally by accident thank God I did, Jody not only answered the phone on  Sunday but talked to me for at least a half an hour she looked up the dresses I ordered from Romans and asked all the right questions about how they fit, where they were tight or just didn't lay right.  Jody was friendly, professional, and the lady knows her stuff.   The dress I wanted she told me she would gladly make but she had a better suggestion since I had less than 2 weeks to the wedding and no time for minor alterations,  because I didn't know my measurements.  She made the jacket that came with the dress I wanted and made it in the same material as the dress she suggested (the price for both jacket and dress were a few dollars less than the original jacket dress I wanted) she also made it short sleeves to accommodate the jacket so there  wouldn't be so much bulk.  Jody called me Monday with a few other questions and on Wednesday afternoon called me from the post office to check on how I wanted the dress shipped to save me on the shipping fee. On Friday afternoon I had a beautiful dress in my hands. The wedding was great!  Jody you are the best I look forward to my next formal event instead of cringing at trying to find something that fits and looks good !!!!

I highly recommend Myles Ahead for any woman who isn't a perfect size, let Jody help, you won't be disappointed . With many THANKS, Karen, NY


Dear Myles Ahead,

Thank you for being there when I needed help finding adress for a wedding. I was truly out of options. I had a black tie affair, in my family, I had to look great. I have to say, your gentle way of helping me was way over the top. Thank you so deeply for being there. I am a client for life now. Martha G. LA


Dear Myles Ahead, I have been a plus size woman all of my adult life and have always struggled to find clothes that fit well, were fashionable and well made. Every day I would go to my closet looking for something to wear and every day look at my selection of clothes and feel uninspired. But my prayers have finally been answered. Finding Myles Ahead has been a dream come true. I cannot begin to tell you how much more fun it is to get dressed in the morning.

Myles Ahead offers outstanding customer service, from helping you to figure out your size, paying attention to likes and dislikes and offering suggestions to clothing options that might fit your needs. Their attention to detail shows in the quality and workmanship of their garments, and fabric selection. Recently my son and his girlfriend announced their plans to get married. One of the first things that came to mind was “Where am I going to find something nice to wear to my son’s wedding?” I contacted Myles Ahead and with their guidance had an outfit made for the special event. I just received it and when I tried it on tears welled up in my eyes. I felt like a princess!

Thanks Jody and Myles Ahead for brightening my days. Buying clothes is no longer a challenge, but a joy!    Peg S. Pennsylvania


Jody, I was thrilled when I woke up this morning and remembered I had an amazing gown waiting for me for my daughters wedding. Not only did you perform a miracle for me,(such a short time line)you also did 6 outfits for me for the entire 4-day event. Thank you for all you did for me, you are the absolute best. I will be back, and it will be often. Kindly, Rene M. Brooklyn NY

Dear Jody, 

      I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for being so wonderful to me and for treating me like a princess. I've been a very large person all my life - I've had low self esteem to go with it. 
      Since I met my husband and people like you and all the people in your company I feel confident. Dressing has made a huge difference in the way I view myself and in my confidence. I'm sorry I fought my husband for so long, all he wanted was for me to look and feel good. He would say time after time, what ever your size, dress well and live your life. How right he is. 
      Thank you for being so kind and patient with me. I hope all the larger size women in the world realize how dressing well really does change your life. I feel so elated and satisfied about the wonderful new person inside me that has emerged! 
      Have a terrific Christmas and may god bless you in the new year. 

      The Kennedy family 

Dear Jody, 

      As an inexperienced internet shopper, I dreaded the complications of shopping and placing my first order. I expected it to be impersonal and cold -- faceless and comfortless. Thank God I connected with MylesAhead and with you. 
      Truthfully, my shopping adventure with you today was more personal and far more fulfilling than than shopping at the very best department or specialty stores. Your professionalism, attention to details, and patience were amazing. I'll be a MylesAhead customor from this point forward. 
      You site is clearly among the most attractive and easy to use that I've encountered (and I've tried to use many of them). The only thing that missing is the availability of intimate apparel. I'm hopeful that this category of clothing will be added to your offerings in the near future. 
      Thanks again for your help and personal attention. I look forward to receiving my first order. 

      J. D. 
      Katonah, New York 

Hi Jody, 

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY BLOUSE! It's slightly flared and about 4 inches too long but absolutely no problem - I can hem it easily and it's so becoming!! I just love the cut, and the quality - right down to the great buttons!! I LOVE IT!! 
      I would like to order four more blouses in the swatches that you sent me 
      You can email or call me to confirm the order...I just love my blouse, thank you so much!! 

      C. S. 
      Plymouth, Minnesota 

Dear Jody, 

      I must tell you how I praise the day I found "Myles Ahead" 
      As a petite, large size woman I always had difficulty finding the clothes I really wanted! Fortunately, I was a nurse and I could hide in my uniform most of the time. I shrunk from situations from which I would have to sit  on the dais or make a speech, suddenly, I found myself retired , very socially active and to my great pride and joy the mother of a celebrity. 
      Thanks to you I have clothes to wear to all occasions. My clothes are chic, colorful and well fitted. At long last I can shop in a pleasant atmosphere with courtesy and the most helpful people. Most of all, Im so happy to be seen on the arm of my son at galas and know Im really " looking good" ! 

      Coconut Creek, Florida 

Dear Jody,

I dreamed I went dancing in a "Myles Ahead" dress. But Jody, that was no dream. A few weeks ago we had a black tie Sunday afternoon wedding. Im sure other women my size are just like me.... What will I wear, what fits? Well I didn't have to worry at all. There in my closet was a two piece number just calling out to me. You remember, we made the black dress long and the jacket had cream lace on it. We decided I could dress it up or down. I had a few other jackets made to go with the dress  but hadn't had the chance to wear it with the  cream lace one yet.. Here was my chance to wear it formal. My husband wore his tux and we really did go dancing.!!!

Jody, there is such a need out there  for clothing for the large size woman. You are helping us;  your clothes make us look and feel great! These days when I look into my closet I never worry anymore about what to wear. All my clothing doesn't always have to be in black . I can feel stylish in denim, in a leopard print or in wearing lime green! 

I look forward when I come south every year to dropping in  and seeing what's "New" . I also appreciate the swatches you send  me so I can order clothes over the phone when Im not in Florida. I've come to rely on your knowing my taste  and calling  me to let me know about an item you think I would love.

These days we are in Florida about twelve weeks of the year. we dress very casual when there;  My husband wears nothing but jeans;  so I wear lots of your denim outfits.  We are at the seashore another twelve weeks. I feel very in style while dining with friends wearing  outfits in cream or black and white ( a favorite combination of mine because gold or silver jewelry or my black and white plastic costume jewelry goes with it all.) small prints are another favorite of mine; I just like the way they look.

This past year has been very special for us.  At the age of 49 (me) and 51 (him) my husband and I became grandparents. Not once; but twice;  5 months apart. Our two girls with some help from their spouses, gave us two wonderful grandsons. There were so many happy events to go to so close together. The briss,  we made each baby a huge baby party and we named the babies in Synagogue, seeing  friends at parties; playing mah-jong or just having lunch out I always have just the right dress to wear! I find that the clothes I buy from you takes me from event to event to event morning through night. 

Thanks again,
As always,
Yardley, PA 

Dear Jody,

I haven't felt pretty for decades. I have hidden inside dull, blah clothes, staying away from big parties and working at places that didn't need me to look like anything special. Since I didn't feel like anything special, it worked out fine. Then I found your web site and it changed my life. I know that sounds so dramatic, but it really is true. Almost a year ago, I asked you to make me a dress for an important wedding - my beautiful goddaughter was getting married and I was to be an integral part of it. At first I was trying to design my excuse for not going to her wedding, but then I thought I'd give Myles Ahead a try. I saw a dress and jacket that I liked on your web site and I really wanted to go to that wedding. 

Well, the dress and jacket came and I was thrilled. I felt like a girl again. I felt pretty and looked forward to people seeing me! The dress and the wedding were beautiful and I couldn't have been happier unless I could find a new job since I hated the one I was at. So, I took my new jacket, threw it over a black shell and slacks and went out for two job interviews. Guess what!!! I got both jobs and chose the one I wanted! Now, I'm a spokesperson for my agency. I meet high-powered people and "do lunch" with big shot company presidents! Who would have thought?! So now here comes a fancy black tie ball and I need another dress. There's no question - contact Myles Ahead. I described the dress I wanted and in the fabric I wanted and POOF!!! There it is, the perfect slinky dressy dress. It fits as if you and I had hours of fitting time and it is hangs perfectly. Even my mother - who is very picky about such things - can't say enough about the quality of your work.

Now, to say my whole life has changed because of a dress may be extreme and I understand that it was time for my life to change, but it was getting that first positive feeling from Myles Ahead that got me going. It gave me the spark I needed to really believe in myself. You are a blessing in my life. You truly have changed my perspective on being me! You've helped me to like me more. Thanks, Jody. You make clothes and that might seem mundane to you sometimes, but just know that you make dreams too. You go, girl!

River Forest, IL


Dear Jody and Myles Ahead,

I want to take a moment to say thank you. For the first time in my life I used your personal stylist service. Bravo! The help was way above and beyond. I had so much trouble with my upper arms. I truly appreciate that you took the time to adjust that area for me. I feel comfy and confident in my new clothes, and I am ready to order much more. Melissa H. Manhattan


Dear Jody,

You are a true gift to plus size woman!

Thank you very much, Joan J. Ridgewood, NJ


Jody, Just a note to thank-you again. I love the duster and received so many compliments on it.  I had to put your web address in my email, everyone was asking about you. On a personal note- I want you to know it takes a hard worker to recognize a hard worker. You made me feel beautiful, a feeling I have not had for a long time. I do have a question if i had the sequin sample for color could you make me a duster to match, I love the leopord duster it matches the guys new shirts.

I know you must hear this every-day, but Thank-you, Pat Brown, Florida
Shake Rattle & soul

Dear Jody,

Feeling beautiful and looking the part is very important to me. Recently I went on a cruise and I called Jody about a month before the cruise and told her I needed clothes for this trip. Jody sent me gorgeous outfits, a lot of mix and match. Wonderful fabrics! Gorgeous designs! Mind bogglingly beautiful! When I got the packages from Jody I didn't even try on most of the clothes (23 pieces in all). I just put them in my suitcase being confident that Jody knows my size. Dressing was so easy this trip. All I had to do was take an outfit out, put it on and leave the cabin. Unknown to me there were a lot of women watching what I was wearing. The second day of the cruise I had a woman come up to me and tell me how beautiful I was and how she loved my clothes! She even requested to feel the material! Well, I love clothes and during this cruise I changed my outfits very frequently. Thanks to Jody I had everything I needed for the cruise, island hopping, lunch, high tea and formal dinners. My husband loved my outfits and even he was amazed at the number of people who told me about my clothes. It was such a wonderful feeling to know that I looked beautiful and that people were watching what I was wearing and were jealous. 

One particular night at the captain's dinner, my husband and I were asked to join the captain for dinner. This was a high honor. Everyone was already seated and then the captain and my husband and I were the last ones to enter. As we entered the room I looked up and I saw a few women in the back stand up and look at us. I mentioned this to my husband and he said that the women were waiting to see the captain. I said okay and forgot about the incident. Later on during dinner I saw these same women coming up to our table and thinking that they were headed to the captain, I continued eating. To my surprise they came to see me! These women complemented my gown and asked if I custom made my clothes. Flattered I told them I purchased all my clothes from Myles Ahead and they were shocked that I just ordered these beautiful clothes and that they fit me so perfect. The quality of the material astounded them. After they left the captain told me that that was the first time that somebody at his table had come to compliment someone besides himself. He then stated that he admired my dress and then the photographer came and took pictures of the three of us. I was so thrilled. 

I would just like to tell everyone that is reading this that if you have never tried Myles Ahead clothes you must! Get on the phone, call them and order from the Internet. You will be one hundred percent pleased. Jody is wonderful. She will personally help you with your size and purchase. You won't be disappointed. Believe me, Myles Ahead makes me beautiful and I thank Jody for her designs and for her caring to make all women look their best and be beautiful, no matter what their dress size. I truly believe that if you call Myles Ahead you will never go to another store because no other company can match Myles Ahead for their clothing.

Debi C.
Chicago, IL

Excerpt from: "CARDSANDLETTERS" in "BBW Magazine"
"What's in a store"

I have been reading your magazine for as long as it has been published and I love it! It has always made me feel that I am not the only large-size woman on the planet. But......finding beautiful clothes, great styles and a wonderful shop to purchase them in was not easy-until I found one in your wonderful magazine. And the best part is, The store is in my area!

I am talking about "Myles Ahead" in Tamarac, Florida. Jody Muchnick, the owner and designer, is just wonderful. Not only does she have an entire store to choose from, she will also design anything the customer wants.

How wonderful not to dread getting dressed in the morning. Her styles and great fabrics have put a perpetual smile on my face. Now people stop me and say, "You look so pretty, where did you get that outfit?"

Thank you, BBW for writing about "Myles Ahead". I will never stop reading your wonderful magazine.

Susan Salomon
Pompano Beach, Florida

Dear "Myles Ahead",

I just received my most recent order and am as thrilled as ever with the clothes. Everything fit perfectly and it was of the same fine quality and workmanship that you always send. It is great to be able to order clothing and be able to count on a great fit and superior quality order after order.

I am a super-sized woman and in my area of the country it is almost impossible to buy quality clothing in my size at any price. I was thrilled to be able to find your company on the internet and be able to order clothing for all occasions. I am a professional woman and your wide variety of clothing is able to take me from the Board room to playing on the weekends. Your variety of styles and fabrics enable me to buy clothing that mix and match with each other, greatly extending the choices in my closet. I especially appreciate your willingness to let me design my clothing by choosing the style and fabric I want and having you custom make them to specifically fit my personality and lifestyle. I receive compliments on your clothing almost every time I wear your fashions.

On the rare occasion when I have needed to exchange an item, "Myles Ahead" has cheerfully exchanged the items assuring that I was completely happy and satisfied. Please keep on creating great clothing in fashionable styles. "Myles Ahead" has made me a satisfied customer and I intend to come back for all my fashion needs in the future.

Vickie Harbaugh
Keizer, OR

Dear Jody, Creator of "Myles Ahead",

I am a professional size 24 woman in Manhattan: I not only look professional since I found you, I feel great! My confidence since I have joined forces with "Myles Ahead" is through the roof. You are the only fashion source for me. You have always come through for me! What ever the occasion was, I was always able to count on you-

Jody... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. "Myles Ahead" is definitely the best plus size designer!

Thank you again and again,
Mellisa G. Frazer
New York, N.Y.

Dear Jody,

I just had to let you know what a great job you are doing with your clothing line that you offer to the super sized women. The outfit that you designed for my daughter was the perfect fit and she was very excited and happy. I think you are a blessing to the market. I have been looking at your new web site and the clothes are beautiful. You have got our votes as satisfied customers. Keep up the good work!!!!!

I will be telling all my friends about you. Keep up the good work!!!!

St. Louis, MO


Dear Jody & Myles Ahead,

If you ever want to know what it's like to feel like a million dollars, just wear one of your wonderful creations!!! When I wear a blouse, or a dress that I bought from you, I just feel so positive towards myself in knowing that I look wonderful, even at 433 pounds! Even the clothes I bought 10 years ago still look great!! I would never, ever trade my Myles Ahead wardrobe for anything.

Keep up the GREAT work......
Daytona Beach, FL


Dear Jody, I feel vibrant, beautiful, and very well-dressed. Doing business with you was a wonderful experience. I wanted to take a moment to write a few words of gratitude. Warmly, Jill Greenwich, CT.


Dear Myles Ahead,

I wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful, outstanding service you gave, I was very impressed with your company. I went to the Christmas party and received many compliments on the coat and dress.

 It was so soft and hung so beautifully. I was comfortable the entire evening. Thank you Jody for all the extra time you spent with me. 

Michelle Fields
New York, NY


Dear Myles Ahead,

Its been about two years since I found you. When I found you I felt  like I stepped into a pot of honey. It was my lucky day to visit "my thin sister" who had cut out an add to help me find something nice to wear to her sons wedding. She said" come on Donna lets try this one", it cant hurt. I thought for sure I wont find anything in a store in Florida!!!  If I cant get it in New York, what the heck would I find in Florida?

 I always thought my money could buy me what ever I wanted and boy was I wrong.... I couldn't walk into a store and buy a dress off the rack, well at least not until I met you. When I first met you I bought every dress that fit and looked good on me, I couldn't believe how many dresses you actually had that were  too BIG on me!!!!!!  Now you have spoiled me and let me pick out my own fabrics, wow, I feel like a queen being able to do this. Im making up for lost years. 

 I am four hundred and thirty pounds and I  want your readers to know that so when they wonder what I did, will  they be able to fit into your dresses they will now know  proudly, Yes, Yes, Yes you can!!!!!!  The choice is yours for the asking!! 
 What a thrill, that's how it should be I should have many choices to make. Thanks for understanding that I like choices too. There should be a "Myles Ahead" store on every corner in every city so that we all could experience what I have enjoyed now for two years!!

By the way,  my husband told me I was the best dressed woman at the wedding-- he was not the only man that told me that!!!!! 

Happy and proud,
Mrs. Donna DeMayo


Dear Jody,

I want to tell you how much fun I had at Big as Texas and how wonderful you were. I really admire you and your tremendous efforts to give us 'special women' such beautiful, stylish and comfortable clothes. For once, I feel really GREAT wearing your clothes to work. I work in a large corporate office in a professional job. I wear the beautiful clothes I got from you at the Big as Texas event and have received so many compliments about them. What a boost to my self esteem and self confidence!!! I wear them with head held high and proud because, Jody, I KNOW I look good! To any woman who has 'made do with clothes that didn't fit right because that was all there was in her size, that she wasn't satisfied with, or just looked like 'old ladies clothes, I highly recommend trying Myles Ahead. Beautiful fabrics, fashionable styles and a wide variety to select from are some of the reasons to try Myles Ahead..... The main reason is Jody, who will bend over backwards to give us exactly the article of clothing that is perfect for us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Sharon Mahany


Dear Jody,

When I got married (since been divorced), I knew I couldn't find a gown for me. Being a non-traditionalist, it didn't bother me too much. I hated wearing dresses, because pantyhose were impossible to come by in my size, and shoes were a whole other subject! This was 1991.

So, what I did is ask for the help of my very good friend Jody of Myles Ahead to help me out! She made me the most fabulous wedding pantsuit in history! It was a white 3-piece outfit (shell, jacket and pants). She put rhinestones all over the outfit, including the legs of the pants. It was elegant and I felt like a queen in it! She even made me a head piece. 
It was a perfect outfit for a perfect day!

Ellen Kahn


Dear Myles Ahead,

I really enjoy the cruise wear I ordered. Your service was excellent and the quality is great. I am so comfortable wearing clothes from Myles Ahead. I am a very satisfied customer.

Alexcia Gilchrist


A Testimony to "Myles Ahead"

As a middle-aged, large-size woman, I had great difficulty finding casual wear until a friend introduced me to Jody and "Myles Ahead".

I have been a customer for more than three (3) years, and I am constantly delighted with the selection of tee-shirts in the store. The background shirt colors as well as the painted designs are varied, and I always have a hard time making my selection. Ask Jody -- I may come in to purchase one shirt, for example with a navy background, and I walk out with three.... because I just can't make up my mind! I simply love them all and MUST have them!!

The materials are durable; they wash well and wear well. The shoulder pads are removable, so they don't "Scrunch" in the wash as so many others do... I have several shirts that are two and three years old and look brand new!!

A quick word about Jody.....She's always smiling, always willing to make time to tend to you personally and, unlike many salespeople, will quickly advise if something does not look well on you! What a breath of fresh air!!

"Myles Ahead" is miles ahead.....

Sue R.
Coconut Creek, Florida


Dear Jody, I just wanted to tell you again how grateful I am to have the dress you sent me for my husband's Christmas party. It is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever owned, the only other ones were my wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress I had worn in a friend's wedding. You have made the Christmas holidays special for me because of the wonderful dress I can wear throughout my pregnancy. I'm sure there are alot of women out there who are overly blessed as I am in the body department, and know what a heartache it is to find clothes that fit properly or even look the way it should. With your clothing line we can not only see the dress of our desires but we can see what it would look like as they are modeled by the beautiful women who wear them, I know I am very blessed to not only have found a new clothing line but new friends as well. Happy Holidays to you and all your wonderful staff from a very satisfied and excited new customer. Thank you all for making me feel and look beautiful.

Charity Garcia Silver Spring Md




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